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With over 20 years combined experience within the beauty industry we have come to realise that there are thousands of exfoliating products on the market these days, containing AHA, acids, milk, poly beads, seed grains and the list goes on. Each product that is on the market today claim to resurface the skin and eliminate blackheads however what naturally based product do you know that can actually do this?


We believe that people are becoming a lot more aware of what is going on to and in to their skin, they are looking for a quick fix product that actual does what it says on the package…well look no further because our product does exactly that.

We have worked long and hard to present a new and exciting deeply exfoliating cleansing powder. 

We have gone back to our heritage to bring to life an ancient Persian cosmetic that has been used for centuries for deeply cleansing the skin.

Be ready for radiant skin!

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